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This is the beginning of my Maki Web Page design.  My hope is to create several web pages for friends and family to interface with.  Maybe we will learn a little about each other and grow as a family.  I believe we were all meant to imRoy & Sue Makipact each other or be a part of life together in some way.  I also believe that nothing happens without reason or maybe better said without order or purpose. To the left is a picture of my wife Sue and me.

I am a recovering alcoholic of 17 years as of September 17th 2009.  I am a very grateful, fortunate man that has been truly blessed in this life.  So much has changed in my life.
I hope to, over time, write a story about my life’s experiences with family dysfunction, alcoholism and the struggle leading up to my eventual recovery.
A big part of recovery is acceptance.

Alano Club Website

I have been building computer systems for several years and want to share what I have learned with anyone having the desire to build their own computer system.  A computer system can be

computer building intimidating the first few times your head is in the box, removing or installing various components.  I am currently building a new computer system.  My son is also building the same system.  I will fill in the details of our system for your consideration.

While this web site is under construction, I hope to add much content over time.

  1. Add pictures with explanation of who and what they are.
  2. Add content regarding my job or steam engineering.
  3. Help the reader to discover more about the Maki family as well as extended family.
  4. Report new about family events.
  5. Give contact information about family members.








Roy & Sue Maki
802 West Prospect Ave.
Cloquet, MN 55720

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