The current systems we are building are a motherboard processor combo, purchased from Newegg.com I have been purchasing computer componets and electronics from them for several years and highly recomend this site. We decided on an AMD Phenom II Black Edition Processor X4 or Quad-core design. I have been very happy so far with all of the AMD processors that I have purchased. They run smooth and cool while performance being outstanding.
Motherboard choices I have are Asus, Abit or Gigabyte. Gigabyte was the choice for this system. I have however great faith in the three motherboard choices I made mention of. The ease of installation and bios features along with great performance, durability and being very stable are my reasons. I have made many very poor choices in the past regarding hardware, please learn from my mistakes.

Memory is another very important decision regarding you computers performance I usally go to Curcial for my random memory purchases. Crucial sells very high quality memory that they back 100% with replacement. The site also helps you discover what kind of memory your system requires and choices for that requirement. Shipping is almost always free as well.

We ended up purchasing an LG DVD RW CD RW SATA drive and a Asus DVD SATA drive along with a Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM - 250 GIG SATA hard drive. All of the drive interfaces for this mother board are SATA.

It is very important when you choose a motherboard that choices for hardware applications are made based on what the motherboard will accept. I also use the Price watch site to just to shop for deals. My wife's drawing below is a link to pricewatch. drawing

Below is a list of the items that were purchased for this system